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Does the role of a fitness coach feel like a relentless race, a cycle of onboarding clients only to see them move on too soon? Pause for a moment, and imagine an alternate reality.

One where you don’t have to spend half your day sending cold dm’s to fill those gaps because of the endless churn of clients.

If this resonates, then Client Journey in a Box is the magic key to your business transformation, from finding your ideal client, the perfect onboarding process, retaining them for longer and then finally offboarding with with glowing referrals to flood your inbox with new leads.

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Ready to take your business to a whole new level at every stage of the client process?

WOW there is so much valuable content and things I can implement. A big thing for me is getting a potential client excited on the consult and really allowing them to dream big and believe that they can achieve their goals with my help. There are so many awesome ideas in the sales module to facilitate this from how to really dig deep into a client’s goals, motivations and values to how to build trust in the programme so they can really envision their future self.

There are also some great ways in there to ask for a referral but also a cool form you can send to clients so they can choose what they would value most. Whether you’re a new coach or been doing it for years the Client Journey In A Box is jammed packed with value that you can plug into your programme right away and make a huge difference to your business and your clients.

Mike Martin


We Don’t Just Give You The Course, We Actually Show You How To Implement Every Part Into Your Own Business…
Client Journey in a Box is not just another course, it includes everything you need to run your business like a seasoned pro. Turning your business into the retention machine you have always dreamt of!



How to attract your dream clients and position yourself as the go to person:
Delve deep into the core of your business, unravelling the “why, how, and what” that sets you apart. Understand the beating heart of your purpose and ignite a magnetic connection with your audience.
Journey through the hidden landscapes of your ideal clientele, unearthing the individuals who resonate with your unique offerings. Forge meaningful connections with those who truly appreciate your expertise.
Ignite the flame of achievement as we map out your journey towards ambitious yet achievable goals. Empower yourself with a clear direction, propelling every action with purpose and unwavering determination. Together, let’s set your course and navigate the path to a future filled with triumph and fulfilment.
Navigate the hyper saturated market by standing out from the competition. Master the art of positioning yourself as the authority figure, standing tall among your peers and captivating the attention of your dream clients.
Dive into the depths of your client’s pain points, understand their struggles, and emerge as the problem-solving hero they’ve been searching for. Illuminate their path to success and guide them to their ultimate transformation.
Learn to wield the enchanting magic of storytelling. Weave your personal journey into your sales strategy, captivating hearts and igniting a sense of trust that transcends the transactional.


Unlock the secrets to onboarding your dream clients:
Discover the profound purpose behind your work and align your vision with the aspirations of your clients. Understand why their journey begins with you.
Dive deep into the challenges your clients face and develop strategies to guide them toward victory. Become their unwavering support, ready to conquer any obstacle together.
Hoist the sails of success as we chart your course toward ambitious yet attainable goals. Empower yourself with a clear direction, guiding your every move with purpose and determination.
Paint a vivid picture of what it means to work with you. Illuminate the transformative journey your clients will embark on, showcasing their dream result they’ll unlock under your expert guidance.
Unveil the jewels of your coaching deliverables, demonstrating the tangible and intangible benefits your clients will experience. Showcase your expertise and leave no doubt in their minds about the value you provide.
Bid farewell to the sales call, leaving your clients inspired, motivated, and eager to step onto the path of transformation with you as their only option.


Embark on a comprehensive exploration of your client’s progress and growth:
Immerse yourself in the panoramic view of your client’s journey, celebrating their milestones and victories, and identifying areas for further improvement.
Delve into the intricacies of their dietary choices, fine-tuning their nutrition plan for optimal health and results.
Unveil the secrets of their training regimen, ensuring their workouts align with their goals, abilities, and preferences.
Delve into the depths of their mental and emotional well-being, nurturing a positive mindset that empowers their transformation.
Capture a snapshot of their remarkable progress, showcasing the incredible transformation they have undergone.
Assess the harmony between their fitness journey and their lifestyle, offering guidance on how to seamlessly integrate their newfound habits into their daily lives.


Prepare to bid farewell while leaving a lasting impression and a stream of referrals:
Embark on a gentle departure, gracefully guiding your clients out of your program while ensuring they feel valued and appreciated throughout the process.
Explore the essential principles of offboarding – Respect, Reflection, Recognition, Recommendations, and Relationship. Each step paves the way for a positive and memorable farewell.
Navigate the delicate conversation with finesse, ensuring open lines of communication, and addressing any concerns or questions your clients may have. Create a safe space for feedback, allowing for mutual growth and understanding.
Craft a personalised roadmap for your clients, providing them with resources and recommendations to continue their fitness journey even after parting ways. Equip them with the tools they need to maintain their progress and foster a sense of autonomy.
Discover the best practices and avoid common pitfalls in the offboarding process. Learn how to maintain professionalism, showcase gratitude, and leave your clients with a positive impression that lasts long after their departure.

I can’t actually tell you how much of a game changer it is to go through this process and really understand what our sort of brand values are. I’m so glad that I’ve invested with you guys and going through this whole process, this whole kind of discovery. By going through this process, it’s kind of reignited that passion and that understanding of what I actually want to achieve with it.

And so now it gives me a direction almost with everything, with the marketing side of things, especially with the brand and how we talk about ourselves and what we do, and then even down to how we deliver our programme, like the things that we do, like even going through that process of how do you communicate your programme. That’s massive for me to then be able to align my staff. I can really see the value. 

Will Taylor - Racefit


When you invest in the Client Journey package, you’re not just gaining access to a game-changing course. We want to ensure you have every tool at your disposal to thrive as a fitness coach. That’s why we’re excited to offer you these exclusive bonuses that will take your results to the next level.


Editable Worksheets for All Modules:
We understand the importance of customisation. That’s why we’re providing you with editable worksheets for each module of the Client Journey program. Tailor the materials to suit your unique coaching style and business needs. Maximise your efficiency and make a lasting impact on your clients.


Referral Cheat Sheet:
Unlock the secret to generating a steady stream of referrals from your current clients. Our Referral Cheat Sheet will guide you through proven strategies to tap into the power of word-of-mouth marketing. Expand your client base effortlessly and watch your business grow.


3 Exclusive Live Event Recordings:
Gain access to the recordings of three exclusive live events led by industry experts. Immerse yourself in the knowledge and insights shared during these events, covering cutting-edge techniques and valuable tips to enhance your coaching skills. Learn from the best in the field and elevate your coaching to new heights.


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By implementing the Client Journey Package, you can significantly improve client retention rates. It helps you build stronger relationships, increase customer satisfaction, and foster loyalty. Ultimately, this leads to higher revenue, repeat business, and positive referrals.

You get instant access to the whole course straight away and full lifetime access.

100%, It doesn’t matter if you have 0 clients or 100+ The Client Journey Package is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes. The strategies and resources provided can be customised and scaled to meet your specific needs and goals.

Yes, the Client Journey Package is designed to be flexible and adaptable. It can seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, processes, and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms. Our team can guide you through the integration process to ensure a smooth transition.

Absolutely! We are so confident in the effectiveness of the Client Journey Package that we offer a solid guarantee. If, after implementing the strategies and tools provided in the package for a full 90 days, you don’t experience a minimum 25% increase in client retention, we will gladly refund your investment.

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